Monday, November 8, 2010


"Purple Field" on sale. Click here to view.

Hello everyone! I've restocked my shop and will continue to stock new artwork throughout the next few weeks. By the way, the art show/boutique was a bit of a disappointment for many vendors, myself included. Well, time to pick myself back up and figure out other ways to get my work out there.

Speaking of time, I forgot to set my clock back Saturday night. The one day out of the year when I allow myself to sleep an extra hour, I was up getting in my work out at 6 am before church, when I realized that it was actually 5 am. And to think I thought I had slept in. I usually set my alarm at 5:20, but I "snoozed" a couple times. I like getting up early. My friends think I'm crazy. I'm going to have to wait till next year to get that extra hour. Bummer.

I love my big clock above. It's 4 feet in diameter. Did I set that hour back? I better go look.

I've been painting a lot of fields lately. With lots of texture. I will be listing them soon. The one above is called "Purple Field". Very original, I know.

Thanks for visiting, have a great Monday everyone!

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