Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cupcakes for Two Peanuts and a Tween

My youngest (pictured below middle) had a friend(below right) over the other day. My oldest (left) and the two peanuts decided to decorate cupcakes. My youngest, an aspiring chef, has been BEGGING for a cupcake painting. So, in the style of one of my favorite painters, Wayne Thiebaud, I painted one as a Christmas present.
I had so much fun with it, I painted another one for her friend as a birthday gift. Her friend's cupcake painting below:

I didn't want to stop. I was having fun with all the whimsy. I thought it wasn't fair for my youngest to get a cupcake painting, and not give one to my older daughter. So I painted this one below: (shhhh, these are all Christmas presents!)

I haven't told you all about all the cupcakes I had to decorate for my older daughter's birthday party. She had a sleepover. Here are the cupcakes:

I'm not a baker, but my kids love to do it. So I help them. I got instructions for the above cupcakes in this book:
To be honest, I like to look at cupcakes more than eat them. Too much buttercream frosting for me. (I like whipped cream on my cakes more.) I may paint some more cupcakes. It was way too fun, and they put a smile on my face!

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