Thursday, July 22, 2010

Seaside Showhome (part3)

It took longer than expected (we had to deal with my eldest’s broken wrist she got at soccer camp:( )Here it is, finally, the last images from the Seaside Showhome in Seaside,Florida.

Continuing on from the loft/study area is the Master bedroom. This was decorated by Susan Byrd of Pizitz in Seaside, a must visit home furnishings store in Seaside:

The master dressing/sitting area:



The master bath:



Down the other side of this hallway is the laundry. Cute green chandelier! :


Another view of the laundry. I really liked this tiny space, maybe it was the colors, accessories, or maybe I was thinking of all the laundry I needed to do when I went home from our trip….


Next to the laundry is the guest bath:


Next to that is this colorful guest bedroom:



Then, going up some teeny tiny stairs (as seen from the view looking down):


There is a little kids area on one side:


On the other side of the top floor is a reading area:


Finally, my friends and I went down and spent the most time in this area-the screened porch on the other side of the family/kitchen area:


We liked all these black and white painted sea creatures:




If you can see on the other side of the screened – in porch is an outdoor eating area:


I liked the vignettes on the table in this porch:



We spent a lot of time in this area, partly because we really liked it, and partly because of the sudden torrential rainstorm that prevented us from getting to our car without basically taking another shower!

Thanks for joining me on this tour! I live in Colorado, and it is a treat to see a showhome that is different from the Colorado style I usually see. If you missed parts 1 and 2 of this tour, you can see them here and here.

Designer Credits:

Master Bedroom: Susan Byrd of Pizitz :

Master Bathroom: Tamera Massey

West Porch: Eastern Lake Nursery, Holly Shipman

Guest Bedroom: Bill Musso & Todd Falconbury of Musso Design Group:

Laundry Nook: Rachel Craige

Guest Bath: Lynn Nesmith:

Loft: & Playroom: Darrell Russell of a Boheme Design

A sidenote: It’s my birthday today – my 40th! (Yikes! How did I get here?!) My husband and I are taking a little trip… pictures to come!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Friday

I will complete my Seaside showhome tour next week. I promise! Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Seaside Designer Showhome (part 2)

Continuing on from my previous post of part 1 of the Seaside Designer Show home….

Below is the family room area as you enter in from the entrance. (Sorry for the dark photos – it was a dark, rainy day, and I should have used adjusted my camera’s setting.)It is attached to the kitchen, and I was told that this room is normally used as the dining area. On the right you can see there are doors to one of the sunrooms. It is actually a large space, but these photos are not doing justice to this room’s spaciousness.


This is a grand, 2 story room. The room from above:


Beyond the wood stove at the far end of the family area is a little nook that the designers made into a kid’s play/costume area. This is normally a sitting area:



As you look up from the family room, there is a walkway all around on the 2nd floor with bookshelves.


A view looking up from the other side of the family room. You can see the kitchen straight ahead and the loft area above:fam4

Now, here is the kitchen. I was excited because the fabulous bloggers Seleta and Modgirl decorated it:



I really like the punch of color from the wallpaper in the glass front shelves:


Now, I’m going to take you upstairs. There is another sunroom, but I’ll show you that room later. On the left side of this staircase is the living room/dining room/entrance that was in part 1.


As you turn the corner at the top of the stairs, there is a fun wall of open frames:


Here you end up with in the loft/library area. This area was done by Tracery Interiors, another blog I love to read. (They have great before and afters.I visited their store in Rosemary Beach earlier in the week. What eye candy!)

Here are the bookcases I showed you from the family room. There are 2 of these walls running lengthwise along the walkway above the family area.


The office area ( loved that chandelier!!) :



On the other end of the walkway was a sitting area. If you can envision it, the play area is under this area. I love the white with all the punches of color:



Okay, so now I’m going to walk back down the walkway/bookcase area, and go up a few steps to the master bedroom.There is also a display of open frames similar to the other stairwall going up to the loft area.staircasewall2

Hope you enjoyed this part of the tour. The master and the guest room will be in part 3-sorry to have to tease you with all these parts. I just have so many pictures!

Till next time-


Designer Credits:

Living Room(Family Room): Design Services of Florida

Kitchen: Seleta Hayes-Howard & Jennifer Hunter

Staircase & Library: Tracery Interiors

Loft & Playroom: Darrell Russell of A Boheme Design

Friday, July 9, 2010

Beach Inspired- a before and after slipcover project

So, after staying in the cutest beach house, and touring some awesome homes in Carillon and Seaside last week, my friends and I were super motivated to work on our homes.

I had planned on making a slipcover for my family room sofa and loveseat for years. I've had the canvas (drop cloth from the paint dept. that everyone in blogland is using), sitting in my studio for at least a year.This past week, with some dreary weather, I was finally able to work on the loveseat. It's not the best slipcover job, but it will do. I should have made a pattern like I normally do, but I went ahead and just cut the fabric on the loveseat. I think it would have taken less time in the long run had I made a pattern. Instead of putting in welting like I normally do, I just topstitched the seams to give it a finished look, and at the same time keep it casual.

Here is a before. It is a good look for Winter, but I wanted a change:
After (it's a bit winkled, I haven't ironed it yet). It's a looser fit than I normally do, so I may just have to get used to the wrinkles:

I love the new look this slipcover has given the family room. It really brightens up the room, and now I can add any pop of color I want in here! Now, I just have to work on the bigger sofa on the other side of the room.....

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Seaside Designer Showhouse Finally! (part 1)

I finally have a few pictures for you from my visit to the Seaside Designer Showhouse for the Arts in Seaside, Florida. My friends and I were lucky enough to be on vacation during the same time as this show. The home used for this show belongs to Daryl and Robert Davis, the founders of Seaside. This home is a guest house, and the owners let the Cultural Arts Association of Walton County use this home to raise funds for the association. Each room was decorated by different designers, each inspired by a 1940’s – 1960’s icon.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I took a lot of pictures. I’ll show you a part of the home today. Sorry some of the pictures are dark- it was a rainy, cloudy, day.

Here is the front porch:


Cocktails on the front porch anyone?


Doesn’t this swinging bed look like a fun place to relax with a glass of wine and a good book? And how about that light fixture?!


Let’s go inside! Here is the Entry:



In this same large room is the Dining area: (My friends Dee and Katy are by the piano) Behind the screen is a hallway leading to a stairwell.


Next to the Dining Area is the Music Room:


Off this room is the first floor bath. I love the pop of orange:



On the other side of the entry area is an artist’s studio:


Next to this studio is a side porch filled with art. Fun surfboards!


Next to the art studio is a wall of terrific photographs:


I’m afraid that’s it for today. I was anxious to show you some of these images. It would’ve taken a few more days if I had to finish editing all my photos!

Designer credits:

Front Porch: Melissa Quinn-Bartlett

Entry/Dining/Music Room: Susan Massey of Bohlert-Massey

1st floor Bath: Holly Shipman

Artist Studio: Libby Baker of Baker Design Company

West Porch: Holly Shipman and Eastern Lake Nursery

I promise I’ll post some more pics soon!