Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Let me tell you the story of what inspired the painting above. Several weeks ago, Joni from Cote de Texas did a fun magazine inspired makeover in her family room. We all know this magazine cover from House Beautiful - Jill Brinson's beautiful home in Atlanta. Just to jog your memory, it was this home in the Dec/Jan 2010 issue: (All images from House Beautiful website; photos by Simon Upton)

I was inspired after reading Joni's post and re-reading my dog-eared copy of that HB issue. I had this image in my head of a painting. I went straight to my studio and painted the above artichoke painting. Don't ask me why artichokes. I think I was delirious from being sick all week, and practically coughing up a lung!

So, because I hardly ever get to see what my paintings look like in my clients' homes, I thought it would be fun to see what my painting would look like in the home of its inspiration.

Can you see it in the upper right hand corner by the stairs?

Or how about here in the dining area?

What do you think? I think it looks good here - wishful thinking, huh? Oh well, it was a fun exercise to see what it would look like. I like it! Thanks Joni, for the fun post, and thank you to Ms. Brinson for inspiring me with your gorgeous home!
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dahlias, Lilacs, and a Pansy

Is anyone else sick of Winter? The snow has not melted here like it normally does. We have a little pile of snow in the backyard that is now part of the landscape. I'm desperate for warmer weather.

My latest painting is a preview of fresher things to come (season-wise, that is)! Cut flowers - Dahlias, Lilacs, and a Pansy. My husband says this painting reminds him of Swedish Pancakes....?! It reminds me of Spring and Summer.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

More Fruit

Hello All! Happy Monday! Just wanted to show you my latest Etsy listing:

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