Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

Yesterday, our school district had a snow day - we were all excited about it! My eldest decided to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch. There goes my New Year's resolution! My latest poppy painting makes a great backdrop - a little contradictory for the kind of day we had. The painting will be for sale after it is varnished.
Backing up to Saturday, we went skiing, while the 2 older ones took snowboard lessons. My oldest is in the pink ski helmet. The pic was taken with my i phone.
So getting back to yesterday afternoon, the kids spent some time outside in the snow. (I forgot to lower the exposure compensation when I took this. )See that big snowball that my younger one has in her arm? This is what happens when someone decides to throw the snowball. Some snow wrestling:
I love the 4 day weeks!

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