Thursday, April 30, 2009

Breaking Free

Do you ever want to break free from the "same old same old" thing you've been doing? Sometimes I just want change. My daily routine is getting so boring! Maybe it's Spring fever, or maybe it's because I'm just plain ready to try new things. Some of my routine is unavoidable - there are kids to pick up and drop off. Kids' activities to attend; their routines will not change.

I've taken steps to make small changes in my life: my art is changing, my home decor is changing, and I've changed my exercise routine in the morning. (My husband and I started a new exercise regimine together. It is so unfair that men can shed pounds so much more quickly than women and, that a 5 foot tall woman has to work so hard to shed a couple of pounds! ...oops, I digress - so sorry!)

Besides these little steps, my life-long goal is to get deeper in my walk with God, develop deeper relationships with friends and family, and continue to grow and learn new things and not let my daily routine make me walk around as if I'm sleepwalking through life!

I painted the above titled "Breaking Free" to express my desire for these things above. How about you, do you feel like breaking free sometimes?

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