Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Slifer Designs

I've mentioned many times of going to the Vail/Beaver Creek area to go skiing and spending time outdoors with my family and friends. One of the other things I enjoy doing is looking at the architecture and interior design up there.

One design firm I have become acquainted with in style is Slifer Designs. It is one of the premier interior design firms in the Vail/Beaver Creek area. I first became familiar with their work after staying in a home designed by the firm. Slifer is a full service interior design firm specializing in luxury resort design. Interior Design magazine has consistently named Slifer as one of the top three residential interior design firms. I often see their name mentioned in the various interior magazines I pick up while in the mountains.

Below are 2 of my favorite images of a home the company designed.

Below is the home we stay in when we go to the Vail/Beaver Creek area:

A fun rustic chandelier in the breakfast area:

Slifer has a retail store in Edwards, Colorado. I love to visit every time we are in the area. The vignettes change weekly. Below are several different mountain styles.

I love this bedroom below. The style is considered "Mountain Chateau". The rustic juxtaposed with the elegant is what does it for me! Look at the chandelier - a modern twist on a traditional crystal.

A close up of the chandelier:

Below is "Mountain Lodge" style:
A "Mountain Traditional" :
Below is "Mountain Contemporary":

To view more beautiful mountain designs, click here.


Fabulous Finds said...

My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw the mountain chateau bed! Wow, I could jump right on into that luxurious spot!

Fabulously french said...

I love the first photo, what a fabulous room.

Susie Q said...

Edwards, guess I'll need to get in there if I EVER get in that direction again...of course, if we ever get up to Silverthorne/Dillon this spring/summer, I'll figure out a way to route that way...it's not that far!

Thanks for your kind comments and prayers are greatly appreciated. I will be fine until next Monday night ;D

And I always make sure that my computer is plugged in & I always tell the IT folks that my drink holder is working also. ;D It's a bad boot sector..it rebooted itself roughly 75 times over the course of Friday..it would reboot, then reboot halfway through the boot. I expect half of IT will blame me & fuss...oh well, I've discovered over the last few weeks that everyone at the company wishes he'd been let go instead of the director ;D

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I adore that oval door!! Just lovely photos!

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

The place you stay in looks fabulous - I bet it's hard to leave.
Thank you so much Lauren for the lovely comment you left for me.
Best wishes