Thursday, September 9, 2010

My “Anthro-esque” Fall Pillow

I had other things that I needed to do yesterday. But, as many of you can relate, I had to follow my creative instinct!

With the Fall season looming, I have been warming up the house. One thing I have done is switch my pillows. I wanted some pillows to coordinate with the new artwork I painted to go over the fireplace. I have been looking for ribbon in shades of orange: pumpkin orange and red-orange to be exact. As luck would have it, I found some awesome ribbon in the $1 bin. Using my leftover fabric from my slipcover project, I sewed my new pillow. I randomly placed the ribbon on the fabric, and sewed on top with clear thread. It was a simple, $5 pillow, since I had all the other materials.


Don't you love when one little thing can make such a difference in a room?

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Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Oh my goodness, Lauren... You call this one little thing? It is GORGEOUS! And it looks PERFECT with your art above the fireplace (I think I have told you that I LOVE that piece, by the way). You are a truly creative artist. Not only are you are great painter, but very creative in making such a beautiful pillow such as this. I am jealous of your talents! :) Great job, really. The colors are superb in the pillow, to complement your artwork.
Best regards,