Thursday, July 22, 2010

Seaside Showhome (part3)

It took longer than expected (we had to deal with my eldest’s broken wrist she got at soccer camp:( )Here it is, finally, the last images from the Seaside Showhome in Seaside,Florida.

Continuing on from the loft/study area is the Master bedroom. This was decorated by Susan Byrd of Pizitz in Seaside, a must visit home furnishings store in Seaside:

The master dressing/sitting area:



The master bath:



Down the other side of this hallway is the laundry. Cute green chandelier! :


Another view of the laundry. I really liked this tiny space, maybe it was the colors, accessories, or maybe I was thinking of all the laundry I needed to do when I went home from our trip….


Next to the laundry is the guest bath:


Next to that is this colorful guest bedroom:



Then, going up some teeny tiny stairs (as seen from the view looking down):


There is a little kids area on one side:


On the other side of the top floor is a reading area:


Finally, my friends and I went down and spent the most time in this area-the screened porch on the other side of the family/kitchen area:


We liked all these black and white painted sea creatures:




If you can see on the other side of the screened – in porch is an outdoor eating area:


I liked the vignettes on the table in this porch:



We spent a lot of time in this area, partly because we really liked it, and partly because of the sudden torrential rainstorm that prevented us from getting to our car without basically taking another shower!

Thanks for joining me on this tour! I live in Colorado, and it is a treat to see a showhome that is different from the Colorado style I usually see. If you missed parts 1 and 2 of this tour, you can see them here and here.

Designer Credits:

Master Bedroom: Susan Byrd of Pizitz :

Master Bathroom: Tamera Massey

West Porch: Eastern Lake Nursery, Holly Shipman

Guest Bedroom: Bill Musso & Todd Falconbury of Musso Design Group:

Laundry Nook: Rachel Craige

Guest Bath: Lynn Nesmith:

Loft: & Playroom: Darrell Russell of a Boheme Design

A sidenote: It’s my birthday today – my 40th! (Yikes! How did I get here?!) My husband and I are taking a little trip… pictures to come!

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cardinalkay said...

Kudos on a most excellent post! I love the black and white bathroom with all the framed artwork and photos! Thanks for sharing! And happy 40th birthday from a 57-year-old gal!