Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Seaside Designer Showhouse Finally! (part 1)

I finally have a few pictures for you from my visit to the Seaside Designer Showhouse for the Arts in Seaside, Florida. My friends and I were lucky enough to be on vacation during the same time as this show. The home used for this show belongs to Daryl and Robert Davis, the founders of Seaside. This home is a guest house, and the owners let the Cultural Arts Association of Walton County use this home to raise funds for the association. Each room was decorated by different designers, each inspired by a 1940’s – 1960’s icon.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I took a lot of pictures. I’ll show you a part of the home today. Sorry some of the pictures are dark- it was a rainy, cloudy, day.

Here is the front porch:


Cocktails on the front porch anyone?


Doesn’t this swinging bed look like a fun place to relax with a glass of wine and a good book? And how about that light fixture?!


Let’s go inside! Here is the Entry:



In this same large room is the Dining area: (My friends Dee and Katy are by the piano) Behind the screen is a hallway leading to a stairwell.


Next to the Dining Area is the Music Room:


Off this room is the first floor bath. I love the pop of orange:



On the other side of the entry area is an artist’s studio:


Next to this studio is a side porch filled with art. Fun surfboards!


Next to the art studio is a wall of terrific photographs:


I’m afraid that’s it for today. I was anxious to show you some of these images. It would’ve taken a few more days if I had to finish editing all my photos!

Designer credits:

Front Porch: Melissa Quinn-Bartlett

Entry/Dining/Music Room: Susan Massey of Bohlert-Massey

1st floor Bath: Holly Shipman

Artist Studio: Libby Baker of Baker Design Company

West Porch: Holly Shipman and Eastern Lake Nursery

I promise I’ll post some more pics soon!

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