Monday, September 28, 2009

An Inspired House

Sorry for the delay on this post – my youngest came down with the flu (Dr. says most likely it’s the Swine), and Strep throat. Needless to say, I’ve been wielding the disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer! The house smells like Lysol. She’s much better now, and the flu was not as scary as anticipated.

Anyhow, in my last post, I mentioned that my friend Katy stayed in Suzanne Kasler’s old beach home. Well, she came back from that trip so decor inspired, that her own home got a refreshing makeover! Katy has always had a great sense of style – leaning more toward Mountain/Western/Rustic. She was ready for a change, though, and look at what she did! I don’t have before pics, but the believe me, the befores were also very beautiful. These rooms below are the living and dining rooms.

As you enter the home, you turn left, and are greeted by the sunken living room. We actually sit in here when we come over. When does anyone use their living room? We do, because this room is too pretty to not be used!


Here is the other side – I love her zebra throw. The photos of the beach were taken with her point and shoot! There was no photoshopping involved. The beach really looks like that in Carillon!


View of the room from the dining room. She’s decorated for fall – see the pumpkins in her wicker tray?


I love her blue chairs. They are comfy as well.


The dining room is beyond the living room. See the copper pot in the corner? It’s very functional - it houses some weights for when the family is in the mood to do some exercising! (She’ll probably wonder why I even wrote that, but I think it’s perfect to store the weights there.)


A better view of the room. Katy’s husband is an avid fly fisherman. The print above the buffet is for him. I think it’s fun and unexpected.


The other side of the dining room: I love the hammered tin shelf. You can’t tell in the photo, but it and the clock are very big pieces.


Little details are scattered throughout her home. Seashells and votives (which do get lit), sit in this little basket.


This little curio sits in the hallway. I love the little white pumpkins. I had to get this shot, because her silver J.Crew flipflops look like they were put there on purpose for these photos. Nope, she just happened to throw them off right there!


And, of course, I have another beach inspired painting:

Aqua Beach is on Etsy. Click here to view.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of a portion of my friend’s home. I know I always love going over there to see the new things she’s done! Thanks Katy for letting me show the everyone your home!


London Calling said...

Your friends house looks lovely.

Maya said...

Love all the creative little touches! Thanks for this tour!