Friday, January 9, 2009

Group Picture

This painting is titled "Group Picture". You know when you take a picture with a group of people, and everyone is squeezed together and you smile your best waiting for the photographer to be finished? There's always someone squeezed in on the side, taller people in the back.... I'm always in front. I'm short.

Anyway, this painting is my first original to be posted onto my etsy shop. It took me a while to get my originals together. (I was having varnishing issues - I ran out, and was having a hard time ordering more, then I had to wait for it to dry and cure....etc.) It is an 11x14 on a flat panel. It does need to be framed, or leaned against a wall, or set on a picture stand. Click here to see it in my shop.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving just kind and encouraging words. As a photographer I truly appreciate art and you def have an eye for it too. I love the group shot portrait. OMG! I would love to be able to paint like that. Thanks for adding me, I'm going to add yours now.

Chrissy said...

Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for coming by and I am thrilled that you like my blog, it is fun isn't it? Going to have a look at yours now, thanks again, stop by anytime!!


Love your paintings, painting is a talent I wish I had. My mother use to oil paint and I was lucky to get one of her seascapes. I'm going to check out your paintings. Thanks for stopping by!