Monday, January 9, 2012

Tweaking the Entry

After taking down the Christmas tree, I was really excited to decorate the entry.

You see, 8 years ago, we inherited a grandfather clock when my husband's mom passed. It's a nice clock, but it really didn't fit into our decor. Over the years, I have tried to decorate around the area to make it less formal. My husband was not that fond of the actual clock, but was holding onto memories of his mom through the clock. He decided before Christmas that it was time to give the clock to his brother. His brother has more of a formal house and the scale of the clock fits so much better there.

I found a before of the entry - this was 3 years ago. My more recent pictures somehow got corrupt on my hard drive. My walls have been painted since then, the sunflowers and the painting at the top of the stairs have not been there for a long time. 


Ahhh, I feel like I can breathe now. The entry is  so much more relaxed now. I will continue to tweak this area, and move things around.

On another note, I caught this guy praying several times over the course of the Broncos game:
Faith has to start somewhere, right? And what a great role model we have in Tim Tebow for young athletes:
I'm always telling my kids that sports, in the end, is just a game, but that God uses it as a tool to make Himself known. 
The verse John 3:16 is one of Tim Tebow's favorite verses.
He passed for 316 yards, and passed for 31.6 yards per completion yesterday. What are the odds?

I don't know much about football, and didn't watch much until recently. But this is cool.  

Go Broncos!

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laney said...

...i love your sweet...happy...beautiful blog...the entry looks lovely...and your art is wonderful...laney