Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Fairies

This is our kids' last week of school. We can't wait for the fun to begin! The art above was done 2 summers ago. It is printed on a 16x20 canvas and it resides in my younger one's room. I was playing around in Photoshop, trying to learn a few things. The girls dressed up in their princess costumes and I merged, filtered, colored, and generally experimented away at my heart's desire! When I look back at this, I see a lot of things I could have done differently to make this a seamless photo, as if you look carefully, there are a lot of mistakes.

Sometimes I am so embarrassed by some of my earlier works. I look at some paintings I did 15 years ago, and I think, "yuk". Too embarrassed to give them away, and I don't have the heart to throw them away. They are stashed in our basement storage room taking up space! I have to remember, though, that I have grown. I can't learn without experimentation and mistakes. The fun part is seeing how far I've come!

Currently, I am knee deep in experimentation again. My passion for art is continuing to expand to not only from doing my fine art paintings, but to photography, and merging it all together. I'm never content with my work, perhaps it is because I love the learning process! How about you? Are you content with your work, whatever it may be?

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