Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Michelangelo Bridge In a New Light

A few months ago, I showed a client who had purchased a painting a few years back some of my newer works which involved photo manipulation. She was really interested in having me do some work for her. She wanted to give a special wedding gift to the daughter of some close friends.

The bride's family loves Italy, and they often travel there with the entire family. On one of those trips, the young woman was proposed to by her boyfriend near the Michelangelo Bridge. Here is a picture of the bridge taken by the bride's mother:

My client wanted to give the bride and groom an artistic rendition of the photo above. The work had to include three landmarks: the bridge, the steeple, and the dome. I decided to separate the the landmarks into three different pieces of art. Since I knew the wedding was a vintage wedding, I wanted to go for a more "dreamy" look. After many layers, filters, and blending, here is what I ended up with:

Each of these photographs were framed seperately so that the young couple could either display them altogether or alone in various places around their little bungalow.

I heard every detail of the wedding from my client. The wedding sounded beautiful, extravagant, and classy. As for the wedding gift? The young couple loved it!

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