Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Family Room Christmas Decor

I just finished a painting that I'm giving as a gift, and now I finally have a bit of time to share some more pics of my Christmas decor!

Below is my mantle in the family room. I just have my painting and some branches from the yard, with some candles and greenery. The stockings are on another mantle in the basement. I quit hanging the stockings on this mantle a couple of years ago, because it started getting a bit too much for this room that we spend all our time in. I was feeling like Christmas threw up in here. :) Every year, I'm noticing I'm using less Christmas decor.

For a bit of fun, I spray painted the frame red:

Sorry for the fuzzy picture below - this was taken the morning of our breakfast party. I must have been a bit jittery from all the coffee! I switched the accessories on the shelves to mostly beige, white, and touches of red. I also have blue accents in the pillows and the blue Christmas ornaments. The slate blue goes well with the blues in the painting.

I painted this family area/kitchen from a gold color (BM "spice gold") to white ("French Canvas") a few months ago, and I am so glad I did! For as much as I change my accessories and paintings, I can't believe I didn't re-paint this room earlier!

Every year, I have the kids take pictures with Santa. I am missing a year. It is so fun to see the kids get bigger every year. I think I will have them take pictures with Santa for as long as Santa can hold their weight!
We have another party coming up this weekend. This time, it is actually a dinner party with some very close friends. We're thinking beef tenderloin.....


Maria Killam said...

Love the poppy art! Looks fabulous as does your living room!

Rhonda Thomale Designs said...

Love the red frame! Your art is truly inspiring as well as your decorating!