Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beach Homes

My children are getting their school supplies organized. One starts tomorrow, and the other two start Thursday. How did my summer get away from me so quickly? Days run into weeks, weeks into months! I have put so many things off, like this blog, for instance. My sincerest apologies!

Well, I’ve been meaning to show you some of my pictures from our vacation on Carillon Beach, Florida. It was a vacation our kids will remember for a very long time. We were there with several friends and their families. I took over a thousand pictures there. I won’t bore you will all of them though!

Carillon Beach is a quaint gated beach neighborhood near the famous Seaside and Rosemary beaches on the Florida panhandle. It is a place that made us feel like we were in another era. White picket fences, kids playing in the streets…it is what I remember Seaside to be like 19 years ago.

Here are some photos of beach homes there:


There was easy access to the white sandy beach, where we spent most of our time.


There were various styles in this neighborhood. But somehow, nothing looked out of place.






This one above is called Casa Blanca. One of our friends rented it a few years ago. When they stayed there, it was owned by Suzanne Kasler.

Even though Summer is over, (for me anyway), I will post some more pictures from our vacation. The trip was so fun for us as a family, but also for me personally. It has inspired me in my paintings and in my home decor. Some of my paintings will reflect this inspiration. So, stay tuned!

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