Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It’s Almost Over!


This month has been insane! Between all the school activities and programs, and birthdays, I am exhausted! The picture above is the last of my daughter’s birthday parties. It has been a 3 week celebration between my family, my husband’s family, our own family, and finally here with her friends. In both my husband’s and my family, there are 9 birthdays in May and early June.

There are 7 days of school left, and all the parents are counting down the days! I think I am more excited than the kids – no more driving back and forth to school, no more homework….although, I have traded in our school schedule to now an insanely busy summer schedule….


The above picture is of a field trip I went on with the kindergartners. It was at a ranch where the kids got to ride ponies, go on a hayride, and have a picnic. We were sitting in the hayride in this picture. The horses came right up to where we were sitting, and the kids got to feed them some hay. It was all good and fun until the wind kicked up, hay got in our eyes, and we were covered head to toe in the itchy stuff! It was quite funny actually, but there were kids screaming because some of the horses got a bit too close.


What a scene, isn’t this pretty?

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charmaine said...

hello! how are you? i pray all is well with you and your family. your little girl is a doll, she is so pretty! i know you are excited about Summer coming and school ending. we, as mothers need that rest for a couple of months. i remember when my son was young, i would be very busy at the end of the year too and could not wait for that Summer break. now he's 19 and in college. but now i miss it. isn't that funny! i hope you have a wonderful day!

God Bless,