Thursday, March 5, 2009


This is me sometimes. My kids' sports activities are starting up again, and so the chauffeuring is heightened. Between picking kids up from school 2 times a day (I have a child in morning kindergarten, and 2 kids in all day), piano lessons, school activities, sports practices and games, I spend a lot of time in the car. As I wait for them, I daydream. I carry a notebook, and my car is filled with magazines and books.

Sometimes I feel like I dream my life away. Don't get me wrong, I love my children and am so happy for them that they have the opportunity to do all these activities. It is so exciting to see them doing all these things, most of which I never did growing up. I know that this is just the "season" of my life. I know when they are older, I will look back and wish it all back.

For now, though, while I wait for for the hour or so for each of their activities to end, I dream.


vicki archer said...

I so remember thinking these same thought Lauren. I felt like my home was my car when the children were younger - I called it my 'holiday house'! But it does pass all too quickly, that I know for sure. Thank you for visiting French Essence - glad to have found your blog, xv.

Velvet and Linen said...

Oh yes, me too!
With three children, I am merely a personal driver.
On the up side, soccer practices and hip hop lessons have given me some time to catch up on my magazine reading!
Have a wonderful weekend, Sue.


countrycharisma said...

Hi Lauren, I love your painting. It does provoke thought, and she does look dreaming. You know, I did not grow up doing all those things either, but seems the younger generations need to. I know I did some with me children too. I suppose our society has changed so much that it is necessary for children to do all those things to be socially acceptable. Whatever, it sure keeps the parents running, and I am glad you are able to use your waiting time to plan your paintings, etc. Keep up the good work. blessings, carrell