Monday, February 9, 2009

Morning Coffee

AAARRRGGGHHH! Has this happened to anyone who LOVES coffee? I love to drink coffee. It's not the caffeine, but the taste that I love. I look forward to every morning. This is what I woke up to the other day. Disaster for people like me:

Why do coffee pot manufacturers make the glass so weak? This isn't the first time it has happened to me. Well, not wanting to go through the trouble of getting my french press out, I figured out the next best thing. A canning jar with the lid unscrewed up as high as it would go, with my coffee pot lit on top so the sensor could be pushed in far enough for the coffee maker to let the coffee out. Almost as good as the real thing!

As I sat down at the computer to order a new glass pot, (which by the way, I could've probably bought a cheap coffee maker for the same price) I found some other coffee makers I could get.

The Lamborghini Coffee Maker for $1750:

Here's one that reminds me of chemistry class. The Siphon Bar may take up a bit of space on the kitchen counter though. It only goes for $20,000:

To see a step by step process click here.
Maybe in another life I can afford these coffee makers. In the meantime, I am quite happy with myself for being able to make my coffee until my new pot arrives!
Happy Monday Everyone!

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