Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tree Hunting

Over Thanksgiving break, we went into the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree. 

It was a beautiful day, we all had so much fun, and we found the tree within 30 minutes. It was a much better experience this year. (Last year it was cold, one of the kids was sick, and being "newbies", it took us over an hour to find the perfect tree.)

My oldest is taking pictures below. Actually, she and I spent most of the time taking pictures. My husband found the tree. I've created a picture taking monster. :)

We spent the evening decorating the tree. We have a few more touches to put on it, but here it is so far:

The pictures were all taken with the iphone, so they are a little blurry without great lighting. I love our "Charlie Brown" tree with all its imperfections! I am considering giving away our large artificial tree we have in storage. 

Right now, I have boxes and bins everywhere, but when I am finished decorating, I will show you more!

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Anonymous said...

Just lovely. Charlie Brown trees are undoubtedly the most delightful Christmas Trees! Maybe because they are so sparse, everything from the light to the ornaments stand out.