Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Coastal Living Beach House

Hello there! I am so sorry for being gone so long! I promised you pictures of the Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House several weeks ago, and then....nothing! Well, seeing as how we just purchased our ski passes, I thought I better show you some beach home pictures before the mood is completely gone.

This beach house is in Rosemary Beach, Florida. From the outside, it looks quaint. In fact, it is quite large. It is almost 5,000 s.f.

Here is the floor plan, and the key people involved:

Please excuse my photographs. I tried to take quick pictures, and some have a lot of people in them. I've tried to blur out some faces,  because if it were me, I wouldn't like my face in some random person's blog. :)

Anyway, the entry. It is a circular shaped entry. Take a look at the light fixture; actually, I love all the light fixtures in this home:

To the left of the entry is a hallway leading up to the Master Bedroom:

The master bath:

Another bedroom is in this same hallway(I think this is the right bedroom, these pictures were taken so long ago!):

The rest of the house stems from the other side of the entry. The dining, kitchen, and sitting area are all one big room:

There is a study that branches off from the dining area:

By the kitchen, there is a room called the scullery, basically a huge pantry where they also keep the fridge:
 Also near the kitchen is a tiny, but functional bunkroom:

There is also another bedroom in this area (I may have gotten bedroom 2 & bedroom 3 mixed up):

Upstairs, there is another bedroom:

A girl's bunkroom (how fun is this!!): 

The game room(look at that ping pong table!):

The Theatre room:

The back of the house:

This is a beautiful house; every space is utilized to its fullest. If you noticed the designer on the floor plan above, it is Erika Powell, one of my favorite designers! She did such a wonderful job in designing this house!

The Coastal Living Magazine issue featuring this house should come out soon, (I think October?) I'm going to go buy it as soon as it comes out. They will have way better pictures than mine!

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