Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Home Office Closet - Before and In Progress

I am finally posting some before and in-progress pictures of my home office closet. I have been working to reorganize and beautify this entire office. I originally had all my paintings hanging in here awaiting sales. I had more furniture than I needed, and I knew that if I could make better use of the closet, I could keep things more organized and functional. 

Below is the before. What a mess! I took these photos in the middle of back to school supply shopping. 

The sliding closet doors kept me from being able to get into the closet and really keep it functional. I wanted to replace these doors with bi-fold doors, but I couldn't find any that were small enough for the width of this closet. I guess builders usually go in "off-sizes" when they put in closet doors, I'm not sure why. Here is the closet with the doors removed. See what I mean about DISORGANIZED and MESSY?

After removing the doors, I went upstairs and stole my daughter's curtains. She didn't like them anyway. It worked perfectly.
I can now close the curtains and hide the mess. 

I spray painted my husband's and my college filing cabinets the same color, and used a piece of heavy stone that my husband's step mom gave me a year ago. I now have a counter that I can place items on, paperwork, etc. I don't use it as a desk, as there is already a desk in this room.

I also added and extra shelf all by myself - no help from my husband! :) Up until now I was a little scared of power tools. 

I still need to paint in there, but for now I love it. It is so functional!

This past weekend I also painted this room. It's getting a little makeover.

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Carmie of the Single Nester said...

You did a great job. I am making over my guest room into an office. Slowly . . .