Thursday, April 14, 2011

Abstract Art -Like Looking At Clouds

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I have been painting a LOT lately. These paintings have included landscapes, florals, and abstracts. Abstracts have not been typically my style of painting. I would say my typical style is more transitional.  For me, abstracts make me use a different part of the brain. The emotional part. 

Looking at an abstract makes me think of when I was a child, laying in the grass in the summer looking at clouds. Remember that? When I see my small abstract above, I see happy. Spring, like flowers, easter eggs, a few raindrops, a little globe, I see a cyprus tree....what do you see? It's a different painting every time.
 I love it that you can turn it on its side, and there is a whole different scene.
I have always feared painting abstracts. I was scared that others would think my children painted them. Silly, I know, because as an artist one has to follow their heart, not follow popular demand, otherwise paintings will end up stale. 

I will still paint my landscapes, still lifes, and florals, but you will start to see some more abstracts in the mix. I may never sell one, but I can't not follow my heart. These motivate and energize me. 

Thanks for listening. Big hugs to all of you out there that read this blog!

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