Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Music Lessons

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My children all take piano lessons. My son loves it - he is fantastic - he is the musician in the family. My oldest daughter, although a good player, does not play with the passion my son has. She would rather be out on the soccer field. My youngest likes it, but lacks the discipline to practice. Music lessons, although tortuous for some, has been found to be beneficial for young kids' brains. That's what I keep coming back to anyways, when my daughter keeps wanting to quit. Though, after 10 years of lessons, and many more years of playing the piano for my church, I'm not sure I've been "thankful" for those lessons like my mom kept telling me I would be when I grew up. :)
Anyhow, I really like the combination of the above collage of my vintage music, the pears, and scribbles from my old piano teacher. I'm not sure why I combine fruit and music, but it makes sense to me.

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