Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring it On! Some Spring Changes at Home

I made a few little changes to my home for Spring, hoping the weather might follow! For my entryway, I brought up my blue and white vases from the basement, and added some forsythia branches with my existing branches. Here's my new entry way:

Here it was during the Fall season ( I forgot to take a picture during Christmas, but it wasn't much different as it is here). I finally threw out that white pumpkin - it was the everlasting one! I hope I can find one like that this year. My family room mantle always gets a switch up. Here it was during the Winter:

I painted a new painting with some of this salmon and coral color that I love. Since the orchid blooms on my real orchid have all fallen off, I decided to paint some orchids: Here's a "mini-me" of the larger painting. I have put this one on etsy. Click here to view "Orchid in Salmon" on etsy.
Another orchid in blue and grey. Click here to view this painting on etsy.

Here's another painting, this one is called "Blossoms". Click here to view on etsy.

I made some other little Spring changes I'll post soon. For now, our family is off to a transitional homeless shelter where we are sprucing up a room for a family. I'll post on that too later.

We have Spring break this week, filled with tons of activities. Have a great week!

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marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love the blue and yellow. Just gorgeous. Your paints are lovely. Beautiful work. Hugs, Marty