Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I recently completed a commission painting for a client’s entertainment area in their basement. The whole basement was finished by her Anesthesiologist husband. What a set of talents: space planning, framing, drywalling, tile setting, picking out finishes, and being able to put people to sleep!

The area where Aimee wanted the painting was right over her fireplace. The painting needed to be large, as this was a large room, and it was to be a focal point of the room. She wanted warm colors in the purple family.

This is the painting I completed:

The painting is entitled “Three” – for the three trees in the background. I have a thing for numbers, maybe it’s because of my accounting background. Who knows, but numbers are symbolic to me. Anyhow, here is the painting in the room. I love that fireplace, don’t you?


aimpenn said...

We love this painting! We have a spotlight above the fireplace just to showcase its beauty! It really ties all the colors in our room nicely. Thanks Sue for the original!

Rhonda Thomale Designs said...

Your painting takes my breath away! Being a mural artist for mostly childrens themed rooms, I am in total awe of your painting and can only dream of painting like you! WOW!