Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday Chandeliers

I love chandeliers! I have 9 chandeliers in my home. I think they add a touch of class to every room. My two daughters even have one in their rooms. I often embellish them with crystals, or other interesting items. They are not forgotten during the holidays either. They are easy to decorate with some crystals, jewelry or other similar wire, and your imagination. Here are a few that I've embellished:

The chandelier over my kitchen island is embellished with some fruit picks from the craft store.

Over my kitchen table is a "winter wonderland" chandelier with some twigs from the yard and "ice crystals"

My dining room chandelier: a simple garland from the craft store wrapped around the arms.

Look at this: red velvet. Over the top and gorgeous! Found at Twigs.

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